Food Panda Delivery Man, Nakitang Kumakain Mag-Isa sa Gilid Lamang ng Daan

Nowadays, getting deliveries has become the norm. Since more and more people choose to stay at home because of the pandemic, a lot of delivery services have popped up to help with the “new normal”. Less people go to restaurants to dine in, and we can see more delivery men roaming the streets all day. What many people don’t know is that these deliverymen go through a lot while trying to deliver your food on time, and while it’s still warm.

Especially in the Philippines, traffic is a terrible problem and deliverymen are specifically affected by it. They are constantly exposed to the dangers of the oustide world, like the now deadly Coronavirus. To make things worse, deliveries are often non-stop, making it hard for them to take breaks. For many of these deliverymen, eating isn’t even an option anymore. They would rather hold their hunger until they get home, or take a 5-minute break to chew on a snack.

Photo Max Flores

A heartbreaking picture has been making its rounds in the internet and has become viral since it was first posted. In the photo, a deliveryman can be seen eating on the sidewalk after he parked his vehicle on the side. He used the sidewalk as his makeshift table, as he hurriedly drank water and ate food from a plastic bag. Many netizens were heartbroken, especially when they realize that he delivers food every day, but he doesn’t even get to eat right. “SALUTE TO YOU KUYA! LAKAD MATATAG LANG,” said the post’s author on Facebook.

Photo Max Flores

Netizens are now urging people who order online to at least tip their deliverymen. A little change wouldn’t hurt, no? Kudos to you sir!