Pumukaw Ng Damdamin Ang Isang Litrato Ng Isang Foreign Worker Na Kumakain Ng Kanin at Tubig Lamang

Working overseas or abroad is never a joke. We Filipinos  have this mistaken notion that working abroad is such a glamorous thing. While that might be partially true, especially for those working great jobs in first world countries, there are many who are actually making a lot of sacrifices as they work menial jobs.

In line with this many places around the globe are accepting foreign workers and it is true that there are actually a lot of foreign workers who have to eat almost nothing just to save money to send to their families.

One photo that showed as how foreign workers will do their best just for their families is this.

This photo was taken in Malaysia. A still unidentified foreign worker was seen eating just rice with his water during lunch break at a construction site. He was not complaining as he sat at his work place, trying to enjoy what little food he had.

Photo FV Nation

Yet the most saddest part is that not only one foreign worker experience this kind of hardships because there are most likely thousands of other workers who also have a similar food, even worse, than what he has. Even domestic helpers also experience this kind of difficulties because many DH re not given enough food by their employers yet are expected to do their best and work long hours in the house. Some are even made to work at the homes of their employer’s family members.

On the said photo posted, some netizens wrote a reply,

I used to work in the construction field and I always see these immigrant workers sharing their rice. Most of the time, their side dishes will only be onion curry. They need to save money to send back to their families. Sometimes their salaries are only used to pay for their passports and their agents will always overcharge them.”

My dad is also a contractor and he works with migrant workers too. They usually buy a lot of rice in the morning and keep some for dinner. However, the only dish that they can afford is a simple sambal belacan or crackers. Some of the workers even have masters degrees but they can’t find any jobs in their hometown.”

We only pray that the government can do something about this issues. Every Foreign workers deserves respect also.