A Sad Story Of A Foreigner Who Came Here In The Philippine To Help A Friend

Via a Facebook post, Bilogzkie Borromeo shared the experience of a foreigner who claimed that the people whom he helped left him, including those to whom he had given cash. The Facebook post goes like this:

“Paglabas ko ng work may nakita akong amerikano nagugutom sya at binigyan ko ng makakain. His name is Michael pero di nya alam surname nya.. yung mga taong natulungan niya daw dati iniwan lang siya.. yung mga nabigyan niya ng mga pera ngayon di man lang siya matulungan sana may makatulong sa kanya kawawa naman,”

We Filipinos are known to be very ind-hearted, hospitable, always eager to help people in need, cooperative, always positive and others; however, an American national presently trending on social media, apparently, had a bad experience with Filipinos.

Sad to say this foreigner came here in the Philippines to help a so called friend but right now he is alone in the streets begging.

At the post, the social media user asked netizens to share his post so that the photograph could reach Michael’s relatives. As of now the post has gotten 16,000 reactions and 46,000 shares.

The post gone viral and here are some of the comments from the netizens:

“Will somebody take his picture and whatever info you can get out of this poor guy and send it to the U.S. Embassy, Manila. They are mandated to extend help to any American citizen.”

“He could always go to the US embassy and could ask for help. If the Americans are helping poor and starving people from other countries so there is no reason why they can not help there own people. May be this guy has now a mental problem so he don’t know what to do. God bless him.”

“You need to do something. Give him clothes to wear. Might be you could offer something to him. Especially where to stay and work to earn money. Or talk to the Social worker. Might be they can send him back here in USA. Kawawa naman.”

His encounter with a Filipino friend and it sadly reflects on ours as well. Have you seen the post? Maybe you can go share it as well.