From A Fish Vendor Single Mom To A Proud Mother Of A Doctor

A mother’s love will never ever fail. We all know that our mothers will do all that it takes to make us feel love, secure and happy. These are just few of the reasons why we salute every mothers out there, especially every single moms who will do their best to provide for their family.

Photo John Nico Ronquillo

One of best examples of this is John Nico Ronquillo. Nico is a grateful son is proud of his mother who worked tirelessly so he could finish Medical school. He now looks every inch a doctor as he walks through hospital halls. But he admitted, his journey hasn’t been easy.

Photo John Nico Ronquillo

Nico’s mother is a single mom and a fish vendor. Yet despite being brought up by a working single mother, Nico didn’t feel incomplete.

His mother, Nanita Ronquillo is a fish vendor who works tirelessly and earns around P1,000 everyday. Their life is never easy but her mother promised him that she will help him in his studies no matter what it takes.

Photo John Nico Ronquillo


Nico recalled his mother telling him, “Kahit anong mangyari, tayong dalawa,magtutulungan tayo. Kung ano man mga pangarap mo, maabot mo.”

Nanay Nenita kept her promise and worked from dusk till dawn to earn enough money for Nico’s education. Nico too found ways to help find work and earn.


Nico is also working apart from studying that is why it took Nico 6 years to finish a 4-year course.

The dutiful son is proud of his mother’s strength. He said, “Kahit na may pagkakataon na ako mismo, suko na ako sa pag-aaral ko, andyan siya para sabihin na tuloy lang kaming dalawa.”

Way back in March 2018, Nico became viral for his Facebook post seeking financial assistance to anybody who could help him. He wrote, “Please help if you can. And if you can’t, please share this post as widely as you can.”

Photo John Nico Ronquillo

Many netizens were impressed with his determination to pursue his dream. After 3 months, Nico happily shared he was able to raise enough funds for his tuition. To top it all off, he finally graduated last June 2018.

He wrote, “Now on my first week of Post Graduate Internship. Hindi po Ito magiging posible without your prayers and kind hearts. Maraming maraming salamat po. Be blessed and be a blessing.”

Source(s) Facebook John Nico Ronquillo