Schools In Leyte Banned Gadgets To Every Student and Educating Them to Play “Larong-Kalye”

Gadgets are very important as well in our education yet improper and over usage of it can cause a negative impact. Over usage of gadgets can negatively affect the academics of every students.

Photo Courtesy Joshua Caleb Hocson

That is why, Doane Baptist School and the Doane Christian Academy in Leyte have found a better way to encourage their students to go out and play outside. They decided to ban the use of ipads, smartphones and other gadgets inside their school premises. Some may misinterpret this and won’t agree with this but this kind of rule really means a lot especially nowadays.

Being physically fit is a very big characteristic of a person. Different physical activities have an important role in the development of children. Aside from promoting their healthy growth and development, it’s also a great way for them to release stress. However, technology and gadgets have changed the way children enjoy their time.

Photo Courtesy Joshua Caleb Hocson

Joshua Hocson, the schools’ Pastor Administrator, decided to issue the ban after he received complaints from parents and teachers that children are spending too much time on their gadgets. On this way students, parents and even teacher will see the right allotted time to spend in using mobile phones or ipad and such.

“It was to make them focus on their studies and other academic responsibilities. Also, I noticed that during school events, instead of participating, other students would prefer playing mobile games.” According to Hocson, he shared this with Moms and Babies

Photo Courtesy Joshua Caleb Hocson

He also added, “Mobile games [is] just like smoking or illegal dr4g use, [which] can cause a person [to] be 4ddicted to it. So we want to break that culture of spending almost all of your time checking your phone. We do it not just by banning it but by counseling as well.”

Through this rule of banning gadgets students find more time to play and interact with their classmates and schoolmates. Some goes to the library to study, while some would enjoy playing board games like chess, sports like basketball. Students also get the chance to know different old Filipino games such as piko, Chinese garter, and langit-lupa, among others.

Photo Courtesy Joshua Caleb Hocson

This is a big step to really help every teachers, students and even parents to focus on the academic and physical aspect of every kids.

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