Galit Na Customer Tinapunan ng Softdrinks ang Isang Store Manager Dahil Hindi Ito Nag Bigay Ng Straw

There are a lot of establishments, fast-food chains and restaurants are implementing the “strawless” policy. This is to help our environment reduce the number of plastic we are using. In this little way, we can help save our environment, as says: “One straw at a time.”

Yet on the other hand, still there a customer who cannot understand this kind of policy and sometimes some does not so favor about it.

At a Facebook post of a store manager Imee Joy Urgelles, she told a story of what happened to her just last May 31, 2019.

According to Imee, a girl customer became angry because of their “strawless policy”. Being said, the customer pours the soft drink she bought to Imee that lead to her uniform ironed by her mother to get wet.

“Sa customer na nagbuhos sakin ng softdrinks dahil sa “straw less” kami ingat po kayo Mam.” Imee said on her Facebook post.

She even thanked the customer because this just means that she became an effective manager because even though the girl customer is asking for straw she didn’t have any yet explain why they are following the “strawless policy”.

“Sa muling pagkikita and God bless you po.”, she even said.

Being angry is just normal, it is normal for every human being but being over and not thinking about our actions because of anger is never a mature and a good thing. The customer action is never right, humiliating someone just because you are angry on something you do not understand first is not just and will never be.

I hope if that customer saw the Facebook post of Imee, she can apologize and try to research or ask other people why restaurants and fast food chains are following such policy. Besides it will also benefit her in the future.

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