Grab Driver Shares How Jerome Ponce Paid His P300,000 Hospital Bills

Jerome Ponce started gaining popularity when he starred in the hit TV series, “Be Careful With My Heart” alongside Janella Salvador. After this he was able to star in different movies and shows. Yet this young man never forget to help others even though he is now famous.

A twitter post went viral as it says like this:

Photo @angelbanqs

“Sumakay kami ng grab then suddenly nagkuwento na iyong driver sa buhay niya. Then he said ‘Amo ko si Jerome Ponce, noong na ospital ako tumulong siya sakin nagbigay siya ng P300,000. Nagbigay din si janella, Loisa at Joshua”.

Photo Instagram/Jerome Ponce

The grab driver shares his story by saying that he worked for Jerome Ponce as a driver when he got sick and hospitalized. He gain a P300,000 hospital bill due to his sickness but Jerome never think twice and help him to pay the amount of P300,000. He also mentioned that even Janella, Loisa and Joshua help him.

Photo Instagram/Janella

The driver also mentioned that Jerome Ponce is very kind. The netizen said the Grab driver happily remarked, “Talagang hindi sila nag dalawang isip magbigay.”

The tweet was lauded by fans and supporters of Jerome and even the other named young celebrities.

Netizen @angel wrote, “Jerome Ponce, Janella Salvador, Loisa Andalio, Joshua Garcia, we salute you all for your kindness.”

A fan of Joshua Garcia also commented, “Mabait talaga si Joshua kaya marami kami nagmamahal sa kanya.”

Photo Instagram/Joshua Garcia

Netizen @jeserve praised Loisa Andalio and said, “Kaya love ko c bebe  @iamAndalioLoisa eh.”

Photo Instagram/Loisa Andalio

A fan of Janella Salvador also quipped, “That’s my supergirl @superjanella.”

These celebrities are all really kind. It is nice to know that despite their fame and money they still find time to help others especially when in need. Salute to all the celebrities who are very willing to help.

Source(s) Twitter RMN VirtualPinoy