“Happy Mother’s Day @AlodiaAlmira” , Is Alodia Really Pregnant?

  • “Happy Mother’s Day @AlodiaAlmira” , Is Alodia Really Pregnant?
  • A Mother’s Day Post Of Will For Alodia Gave Netizens An Impression That Alodia Is Pregnant


Vlogger/Fomer PBB Housemate Will Dasovich and Cosplayer/Gamer/Vlogger Alodia Gosiengfiao are together for quite awhile now and we can see so many videos of them together on their respective Youtube channels.

As part of it, Mother’s Day was celebrated last May 12, 2019 and Will’s Twitter post became viral as he greeted Alodia during that day. Many netizens speculated that Alodia might be pregnant.


While some simply told him to stop doing an April Fools’ prank on Mom’s Day, many also hoped that he and Alodia will soon have a baby.

Many netizens from Twitter extended their hope and excitement for Alodia’s possibility of being pregnant. Their fans are really hoping for a little Will or a little Alodia soon. Moreover, excited fans quickly thought of how beautiful their kids will be. They will a little version of them both very positive, jolly and always happy. They are also both very passionate about their crafts.

Some also thought that it was Wil’s way of expressing gratitude because Alodia takes care of him just like how a mother does to her child.

But wait hold your breathe because Alodia reposted the said post, it this a way of confirming her pregnancy?

As of posting, the two have neither confirmed the latter’s pregnancy nor explained the Mother’s Day tweet.

Whatever it mean, we only hope the best for the both of them. Especially if Alodia is really pregnant. For sure it will be such a lovely baby and that they will also share it on their Youtube channels. As far as we all know they document most of their life’s stories there. So watch out!