Unique Concept of Graduation Photo Shoot of Students Choice of Theme Is Harry Potter

Harry Potter is widely known in the world as its seven book installments were also made into movies; reaching more audience in all ages.

Photo Courtesy Glenn Astillo

This group of Senior High School graduate from CDO, Cagayan de Oro took graduation photoshoot to a higher level and showed how creative Millennials can be. Their dream of being a sorcerers became a reality on their Harry Potter themed photo shoot.

Photo Courtesy Glenn Astillo

Their university has a red graduation gown that is why they came up with the idea of the colors of Gryffindor – one of the four houses in Hogwarts, where lead-character Harry Potter was accepted — they posed mimicking the characters of the famous fiction novel.

Absolutely they pulled it off. Their shot and pose are very much in character. They will take you at the world of Harry Potter itself.

Photo Courtesy Glenn Astillo

When the photos was released they even included effects for their photos to be more engaging and to look more realistic. The group will be graduating from senior high school under the Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics strand.

Glenn Astillo is the one who posted the photos on his Facebook account.

“Harry Potter-inspired Graduation Photoshoot

Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM)
Liceo de Cagayan University
S.Y 2018-2019”

Photo Courtesy Glenn Astillo

As of now his post gained 4.5k reactions, 201 comments and 4.4k shares. Indeed, high school life is so magical that it deserves equally magical snapshots. Their theme is very much perfect to describe how their high school experience was. These kids made a fun yet unique way to end their high school.

We may mostly see Harry Potter themes in parties, especially during Halloween; as well as celebrations including weddings and birthdays. It is also a popular motif for restaurants and cafes, where their menu is also inspired by the famous Harry Potter series. Yet at this very moment it can also be a great theme for a Graduation photo shoot.

Why not, right?