“Hindi ka ba nahihiya?”: Isang estudyanteng may karangalan, ibinigay ang mga medalya sa amang nasa kulungan

Achieving is one of the proudest moments of a parent to their children. But what’s prouder is when your child is also proud of you even when you are in a bad situation like this Facebook post.

Photo by Piannef San Juan

A trending post in the said social media of students who tribute and gave her medal to her father who is currently in jail. It was posted last May 11, 2019, which has the title “Hindi ka ba nahihiya?” (Are you not ashamed?.)

In her post, she argued that why she should be ashamed of her father because God knows how good is her father was and her father was only a victim of bad people. She also showed to the public how much love she has to her father and promised that she will never leave his side, whatever it takes, she will stay at his side. She also wrote, “Husgahan ka man ng marami wala akong pakealam dahil alam namin ang totoo na wala ka talagang kasalanan.” (I don’t care even you have been judged by many people because we know the truth, and that truth is you didn’t commit any mistake.)

This facebook post already garnered over 163K reactions, 12K comments, and 35K shares on facebook.

Some netizens commented,

“Napakabait mong anak, dasal mo lang Diyos, lahat walang imposible.”

(You are a very kind child, just pray, all is possible with God.)

“‘Yan ang bata ‘di niya kaya talikuran ang magulang kahit ano pang mangyari.”u

(That’s a trait of a child. She cannot forgo her parents whatever the situation is.)

The said post didn’t state why her father was in jail.

Source(s) Facebook Definitely Filipino