Hindi Mapigilan Ang Luha ng Bata Ito Matapos ma-block sa Mobile Legends

ML or Mobile Legends is a popular mobile game in many countries across Southeast Asia including the Philippines. It has become a phenomenon to the point that most people you see staring at their phones are probably playing the popular game.

Can you imagine yourself being banned to your favorite game? Not just banned, but banned for 30 long years! Imagine how long it is. For this Filipino boy, it is the reality and he just cannot accept it! This little boy burst into tears after what happened.

Photo Courtesy Mak Samonte

Recently, a post has been making rounds on social media after it shows a boy from the Philippines getting banned from playing Mobile Legends forĀ 10949 days, 1 hour and 23 minutes!

Photo Courtesy Mak Samonte

The said little boy was Mak Samonte. His father certainly could not help but enjoy the whole ordeal that his son is going through.

In his post, Mak shows how frustrated the boy is when he realized that his account has been banned for three decades that he cries!

Photo Courtesy Mak Samonte

However, the father did not say the reason why his son got is banned in his post. Some users then shared their guesses in the comment section that the boy may have been caught using cheat codes while playing the game.

Oh this kind of situation is very heart breaking especially for Mobile Legends players.

In the said incident other users even commented that they used a fake phone for the sake of a viral post.

Photo Courtesy Mak Samonte

Nevertheless, the phone screen looks pretty real and most importantly, the boy has to wait for 30 years.

If this is true, perhaps it is time for the boy to learn his lesson and take it as a sign to stop spending so much time playing the game!