Huli Sa CCTV Ang Isang Lalaki Na Tumakas Sa Inuman Kasama Ang Kanyang Barkada

This video if a boy is now viral, the said video was posted by Rhedd Aguilar on Facebook.

Photo Rhedd Aguilar

As you watch the video, you will laugh with how the boy do his way just to escape her friends from drinking alcohol. They are having a great time drinking when suddenly this boy went on the couch to sit and then suddenly escape. After a while the boy is finally outside without his friends noticing that he is already gone. What a clever tricks.

Photo Rhedd Aguilar

The said post have gained 35k reactions, 4.1k comments and 34k shares. Here are some of the funny comments from the netizens:

“ako lang ng akala ng kukunin nya yung cellphone sa sofa? 😏😂”

“pinakamalupet ee. ninja pa kung tumakbo haha”

“Kapag nagpapaalam na umihi, uwihi talaga yan hahahahahahah”

Many netizens are really amazed by this funny way of escaping your friends when you feel dizzy in the middle of a drinking session. Yet he didn’t even imagine it will be caught in CCTV.

Photo Rhedd Aguilar

How about you? Have you done this before?

Pano tumakas sa inuman? Wait for it.🤣 Kristian Armero

Posted by Rhedd Aguilar on Sunday, 10 March 2019