Ina Dinepensahan Ang Sarili Sa Hindi Magandang Komento Patungkol Sa Kagustuhan Nyang Mga Regalo Para Sa Anak

Basic needs on having baby are very expensive. From milk, diapers, check up and even medicines. Everything is really increasing.

That is why a mother posted on Facebook a statement that defend her self from “nakakahiya” comments for asking milk and diapers as birthday gifts for her baby girl. She  went on social media to explain her decisions.

Netizen Mae Mhella shared on her Facebook her experience of asking for milk and diapers instead of the usual toys as gifts for her daughter’s birthday

Mae’s daughter Nathalie Briella just turned 2 years old. As part of it they decided to throw her just a small party for them to celebrate. But before the party, the creative mother decided to include an unusual but practical request on her invitation.

Photo Courtesy Nathalie Briella

It reads,

“PS. Lampien (XL) and gatas (Bear brand) na lang po ang gift niyo sa kaniya. Huwag na pong laruan.”

Much to her excitement, Mae’s friends and family listened to her request. Her request may be weird for some but it will be very helpful for them of for their baby. The practical mom was overwhelmed and had to share her appreciation to everyone.

On Facebook, Mae wrote that she’s aware she was called out for being “nakakahiya” or “pratikalan talaga” but she doesn’t care.

Photo Courtesy Nathalie Briella

She also said that she knows that there are still people who will take her action on a very negative way but Mae said that she do not care on those negative comments.

Mae admitted that having a birthday party is costly. She said, “Aaminin ko din na ubos ang pera ko pag tapos ng birthday ng anak ko.”

But because of the very useful gifts, she isn’t worried she might run out of diapers and milk.

Photo Courtesy Nathalie Briella

She said, “Pero dahil ganyan regalo nila sa baby ko. ‘Di ako kakabahan kasi may stock naman anak ko.”

Her request is very inspiring especially for every mothers out there.

Mae’s post has gone viral with nearly 30,000 shares on Facebook.