Bata sa Thailand Ayaw Pumasok sa School Pinagkolekta ng Plastic Bottles ng Kanyang Ina

One of every parents responsibilities is to send their children to school for a proper education. But for small kids, going to school is really just a chore. Many think it’s a boring thing to do as they would rather stay at home where it is more fun.

Photo credits to Nuttanitcha Chotsirimeteekul’s Facebook

Nuttanitcha Chotsirimeteekul from Bangkok, Thailand, had a difficult time making their son go to school one day because he was throwing a tantrum and refused to go. No matter how hard they tried to coax him and explain to him why he should go to school, he still didn’t want to go.

After this kind of behavior, the parents decided to give the kid a life lesson that he isn’t likely to forget for the rest of his life.

Photo credits to Nuttanitcha Chotsirimeteekul’s Facebook

They made him realize how it is hard to earn a money especially if you don’t have a proper education. So both parents decided to let their child collect trash from the street to earn some money.

Photo credits to Nuttanitcha Chotsirimeteekul’s Facebook

Walking under the hot sun for 2.2 kilometers, the boy was able to collect 2kg of plastic bottles and tin cans which they sold to the junk shop. After the hard work that got him sweating hard, the kid only earned a measly 2 baht for the efforts – that’s just around $0.06!

Photo credits to Nuttanitcha Chotsirimeteekul’s Facebook

After a tiring day of collecting trash and just having 2 baht, the kid decided to went home. Because of so much tiredness he even ask her mom that they should take a bus.

Photo credits to Nuttanitcha Chotsirimeteekul’s Facebook

Can we take the bus?” the 5-year-old boy asked Chotsirimeteekul.

Do you have money? Taking the bus costs 10 baht,” she replied.

No,” the kid admitted.

Then we have to find more bottles to earn more money,” his mom suggested.

It’s ok. I’ll walk,” the kid replied without complaints.

The kid even saw an ice cream and want to buy one yet he only have 2 baht and the ice cream costs 5 baht. That is why he decided to not eat ice cream.

The challenge given may be very hard but everything pays off. The child really do realize how hard it is to earn money and how important education is to everyone.