Isang Scammer, Na-i-scam ng kanyang bibiktimahing Netizen

Are you receiving texts from an unknown number that you won something even if you didn’t join any competition? We’re according to authorities, don’t take time to catch it because you might be a victim of a text scam.

A Twitter post by ariesleguin_el shared his experience with a text scammer. He received a text that says “FROM: Office of (WOWOWIN) Sponsored: WILLY REVILLAME YOUR (MOBILE #) Had Won PHP650,000,00 (4TH ANNIVERSARY) PLS Send Your NAME,ADD,AGE,WORK And Call me Now! Im ATTY.FILEPE L. GOZUN. PER DTI #6875 SY2019 ASAP THANK YOU!”

Photo via Twitter / ariesleguin_el

When you analyze the text, you will see that it is fake because there is no such thing as an office of Wowowin, because it is a TV show, the name of Willie Revillame, and GMA President Atty. Felipe Gozon is misspelled.

But instead of ignoring to the text, the netizen texted back the number with “Maraming salamat sa pagsubscribe mo sa Daily Onanay Facts ka-TM! Mababawasan ka ng P25 regular load araw-araw.”

The crook suddenly replied “STOP” and “ONANAY STOP”.

This twitter post gained 7.2K retweets, 38K likes and 7.1K comments.

Photo via Twitter / ariesleguin_el

National Telecommunications Commission (NTC) legal officer Allan Macaraya Jr. warned the public anew against text scams.

NTC also noted that most of the victims of text scams are senior citizens due to their limited knowledge on technology.

Some scammers send text messages claiming that a relative of the recipient was in an accident and needed money.

Others send “promo text scams”, saying that the recipient of the text had won a prize and should send load first.

Mobile phone users are also encouraged to verify the identity of texters claiming to be relatives before responding to their requests.