James Reid Shows How to ‘Move On’ By Allegedly Selling Shared House with Nadine

Does this mean there is no way of getting back together?

James Reid and Nadine Lustre, popularly known as ‘JaDine’, left many fans heartbroken after announcing that they are to part ways. The couple bas been one of the most loved on-screen and real-life partners of many Filipinos, who have watched their love bloom in a few years. Their chemistry on screen has always touched the hearts of many fans, especially when the couple proved their love off-screen by staying in the same house together. By living together, it gave fans a sense of hope that the couple might soon get married and live happily ever after. Sadly, all good things have to come to an end.


The couple announced that they are no longer dating and are to part ways. Fans were heartbroken, hoping that they will soon get back together. However, James Reid’s post on Instagram has disheartened many. Apparently, James Reid is putting his and Nadine’s “love nest” up for sale. “My House is for sale,” says his Instagram post, showing parts and details of the house. The house, which is located at the Loyola Grand Villas in Quezon City, has an appraisal value of a whopping P82M to P85M.


The 3-storey house is built on a 1000-sqm lot, boosts 7 bedrooms, 2 large kitchens, a soundproof recording studio, a 25-m lap pool, fully equipped gym, and a 6-car garage. Parts of the house can be seen in Nadine’s old posts on Instagram, confirming that it is indeed the same house they used together. In one photo, Nadine can be seen posing with the same chandelier behind her as in James Reid’s recent post.


Though the couple never denied nor admitted that they are indeed living together, fans can put one and one together and see that they indeed stayed in the same house at one point. Is this a sign that they will no longer get back together? Let’s just wait and see!