Japanese Importer Bibili ng Mahigit 100 Toneladang Mangga Dito sa Pilipinas

Another opportunity for Filipino farmers had opened at Japan after the said meeting of President Rodrigo Duterte there. Specifically, mango growers will be very happy because they will now be able to export their products to Japan.

According to a Facebook post by MannyPiñol, a Japanese food importer will import 100 tons of Mangoes from the Philippines this season.

“The Japanese company, Diamond Star, which has been importing papayas, pineapple, mango, bananas and even turnips from the Philippines, signified the intent to buy a huge volume of mangoes through Philippine Agriculture attache to Japan Dr. Samuel Animas this week.”

Photo MannyPiñol

This huge number of orders from Diamond Star will give so much opportunity to Filipino farmers and for those who are seeking for work.

As part of it, it was also said that The Department of Agriculture will arrange a meeting between the Japanese importers and the Mango farmers of Luzon and they are also expected to join the launching of the Metro Mango Marketing Program on Monday. Mango production has increased this season with an estimated surplus harvest of two million kilos. This was attributed to the El Niño phenomenon which has a positive effect on mango plantations.

We indeed have the best Mangoes here in the Philippines. With the perfect size, sweetness, and texture our mangoes will really come a long way in the world of Agriculture.

Photo MannyPiñol

The program was established specifically to help farmers unload their harvest following a season of overproduction due to ideal climate conditions. Being said it does not just aim to gain more profit but also to help us balance each harvest of Mangoes we have here in the Philippines. This is also to make sure that nothing will be put into waste and everything must put into its proper allocation.

I salute this idea and hope that other countries will import Mangoes also from the Philippines.