Jeep Na Naka-Tiles Kinagiliwan Ng Marami, Binansagan Pang “Yayamanin

Have you seen and heard of a jeep with tiles as flooring?

Yes you heard it right. A  post gained so many likes and comments in line with a jeep having a tiles on its flooring. This made so many netizens laugh because of its uniqueness. We wonder how come a jeep got the idea of putting tiles on its flooring. Big amount of netizens were amazed by this idea.

Photo Travel Pinoy Ako

As part of it many netizens gave their different opinions and comments regarding the said jeep.

“Feel at home. Hahaha. Baka may mag–iwan ng sapatos sa labas ng jeep.”

“Ang sosyal namang sumakay sa jeep na ito! Magkano naman kaya ang pamasahe? Same din ba sa sahig na steel? Sosyal!”

“Cool tingnan. Parang nakakagood vibes kapag fito sumakay sa jeep na ito. Nakakahiyang marumi ang sapatos. Saan ba ito bumibyahe at masubukan?”

Photo Mico Gabriel

Yet on the other hand some still are not yet in favor in this kind of idea inside the jeep. In contradiction on the good and happy comments here are some of the contradictions:

“I don’t understand why they didn’t just go with diamond plated metal. Pretty much zero maintenance, as long as one makes sure it doesn’t rust from underneath.”

“Slippery, extra weight, what non–sense. I can’t understand why the jeepney doesn’t try to be as lightweight as possible. If it were lighter it would be faster, more horse power and save fuel.”

Whatever design a jeep have, we just all hope for the safety of all passengers every time they ride the jeep to travel to other places. We only hope for a safe and convenient travel especially now that traffic is all over the nation.

The said post  have 39k different reactions, and 59k shares.

This jeep with tiles can be found in Cavite.

Have you tried it already? If yes please let us know your experience.