Walang Hiya Ka Jon”, Aksidentang Nasabi Ni Jelai Andres Sa Isang TV Show

Jelai Andres is the wife of Ex Batallion’s Jon Gutierrez. Recently the issues regarding their rocky marriage is all over the internet and it seems like Jelai is confirming the reason why on her trending video.

Photo @jelaiandresofficial

The said video was taken during the show of Summer Party sa SPS where Jelai is a guest. At the video you can clearly see that Jelai is wearing red and on fire while mentioning:

“Galit na galit ako sa manloloko.”

(I really hate cheaters.)

Then she keeps on repeating it until the last part when she already mentioned:

“Walang hiya ka Jon, ay!”

A lot of people from the audience scream because they are shocked on what happened.

This video just made an additional reason to think that Jon of Ex Batallion really cheated on Jelai.

Photo @jelaiandresofficial

Rapper Jon Gutierrez, one of the members of the hip-hop group Ex Battalion, best known for their viral hit “Hayaan Mo Sila,” is perhaps learning this the hard way as he tried his best to avoid questions about his wife, model-actress Jelai Andres.

He found himself unable to do so and was forced to face a question about their marital problems during a¬†press conference¬†for his group’s upcoming movie, “Sons of Nanay Sabel.”

“I just wanna say na nobody’s perfect, I am not perfect,” he said.

Photo @king_inamo

Without going into details, he added: “I made a mistake but right now I’m in the process of sorting it out with my wife. I’m trying to save my marriage but, like I said, everyone makes mistakes.”

Whatever they are facing right now, let’s just both give them the space they need and we only hope the best of them.