Jelai Andres and Jon Gutierrez Allegedly Together Again

They once made headlines on showbiz news after Jelai revealed her husband’s infidelity online.

For many couples, fights and arguments are part of their daily lives. Every couple has gone through hard times, but
is often kept between the both of them or their families. Unfortunately for many celebrities, their private lives become public as their fans (and haters) pry into their lives and want to know more about them. Today, even low-key celebrities like social media stars are subject to making their lives public as more and more people resort to social media for news and updates.

Instagram star Jelai Andres and her husband, former Ex Battalion member Jon Gutierrez, are not new to this. For the entirety of their relationship, their fans and other netizens have seen what they have gone through and what they have become. Sadly, this includes their fights and scandals, which often spreads like wildfire on social media.

According to Jelai, she first fell in love with Jon in 2015, but was later heartbroken when she found out that he had
someone else just a year later. However, Jelai chose to forgive Jon, and married him in 2018. But what shocked many fans was when Jelai suddenly decided to cut things off with Jon after just a few months into their marriage. Apparently, Jon has been seeing another social media celebrity while they were married. It was apparently the last straw for Jelai.


However, fans are seeing a very big possiblity of the pair getting back together after a video of their event together went viral. In the video, the couple can be seen being smitten with each other, while fans cheered for their every move. Nevertheles, reactions from netizens were divided. Some people believe that they should get back together since they are actually married, while some believe that Jelai shouldn’t give Jon another chance as he has destroyed her trust countless of times.

Fans are yet to see and hear from the couple.