Filipino Shoe Designer Challenges Netizens with an Online Contest to Win Cash and a Pair of His Shoes

Let’s see who can give the most creative photo/video to win a pair of Jojo Bragais shoes!

If you haven’t heard of Jojo Bragais, let us give you a short introduction about the guy. His name first hit the limelight after his creation was made the official shoes of the Binibining Pilipinas pageant since 2015. Since then, many Filipinos loved purchasing his shoes and using them in their daily lives. However, these shoes are not your typical walking shoes or sneakers. Bragais makes nude platform heels—something you don’t really wear every day.

Photo via Jojo Bragais

However, since many Filipinos love to poke fun at many things and bring laughter to many people, Jojo’s shoes became an internet sensation in no time. People started posting pictures of themselves wearing the fashionable shoes everywhere they go—even while doing laundry!

Photo Jojo Bragais

Bragais took notice of the popularity of his shoes amongst many Filipino netizens and decided to do something to “give back” to his fans. On his Facebook post, Bragais wrote: “Filipino netizens are the best! Masaya ako like how people love wearing my shoes even not on stage.

“Just like some of these cute and amazing people! I love seeing you guys rocking my shoes and Thank you so much for the love!”

“So, I wanna play a game. Post your photo or video, wearing my shoes, tag Bragais Shoes and use the hashtag #ShineWithBragais. Entry is valid till May 30th,” he announced on his Facebook page.

As soon as his post went viral, netizens began posting creative pictures wearing the pair of shoes Bragais became famous for. Anyone can join! Here are some of the entries:

Who says you can’t wear heels while sleeping?

Photo Jojo Bragais

These guys are putting up a teaser photo for their real entry “soon”!

Photo Jojo Bragais