Dress Code Sa Mga Justice Halls Sa Pilipinas Umani Ng Mga Negatibong Komento

  • Dress Code Sa Mga Justice Halls Sa Pilipinas Umani Ng Mga Negatibong Komento
  • People Who Cannot Afford To Buy Shoes Are Not Allowed To Enter A Justice Hall Because of Their Dress Code
  • Dress Code Sa Mga Justice Hall, Pinagbabawal Ang Pagsusuot Ng Tsinelas


Justice is for everybody, whatever your status is in life you have the right for justice. Yet a photo of a family denied entry at a courthouse for just wearing slippers recently went viral.

We can see in the photo, a security guard could be seen scrutinizing the outfit of two ladies, one of whom was holding a barefoot baby in her arms. But unfortunately, the family was not allowed entry inside the court because they were wearing slippers. There was even a sign that showed the dress code imposed at the building identified to be the Hall of Justice in Valenzuela City. Wearing of slippers or “tsinelas” is one of the identified rules in the establishment.

After what happened, many netizens bashed the courthouse for imposing such a rule, with the photo uploader also slamming the country’s justice system in her post.

“Turned away from the court because they were wearing slippers. Justice in the Philippines is only for those who can afford shoes.”

A netizen Ria Fernandez wrote on her Facebook post.

In line with that, the Justice Hall was slammed by so many negative comments from the Netizens for imposing such a ruling on the use of slippers, especially because there are a lot of Filipinos who really can’t afford to buy shoes.

We can even see on that photo that the family look like can’t even afford to buy their food, how come they have the capability to buy shoes just for the sake of this kind of rules.

Others said that though it is alright to impose a dress code, this should only center on ladies covering themselves discreetly to look presentable and for everyone to wear decent enough clothes without asking them to wear something, such as shoes, they can’t afford to buy.

Slammed for being anti-poor, people are calling for the dress code to be lifted to ensure that even the poor folks could get inside the courthouse. After all, is justice really just for those who can afford shoes?

Yet it is just sad that this City is not just the only Justice Hall who have a dress code. Even other Justice Halls and even in the US this kind of rule is being implemented.

I hope people in the position may review the rules and make some consideration.