Kahanga-hanga Ang Dalawang Batang Ito Na Nagtatahi ng Sapatos Para may Ipambaon sa Iskwela

Being a student can sometimes be very tiring since mind and body are both working when you are studying. So it is very common for students to rest after school. Yet some students are not lucky enough to rest after a long day at school.

Two students from Palawan National School were spotted working after their class. Their photo was captured and posted by a netizen named, Jernnanie Jethro Juaton. According to Jethro, the kids just got from their first day of school yet instead of going home they went to work.

Both of them are in Junior Highschool, one in Grade 7 and Grade 8. After school, they do stitch shoes to earn some money for their daily needs for school. These two kids are really very determined to learn and to finish their studies. What they are doing is not most of any kids on their age are doing but because of poverty, they have to exert an effort for their expenses.

Many netizens were touched because of these two kids:

“Malayo ang mararating ng mga batang yan. Wag lang sumuko. God bless sa inyong dalawa, nkakahanga ang sipag niyo.”

(Those kids are going to reach far. Just don’t give up. God bless the two of you, your being industrious is really inspiring.)

“Malayo ang mararating sikap at tiaga lang.”

(You will reach far just have to patient and determined.)

This Grade 7 and 8 students are such an inspiration to many students. Many of you are studying without worrying anything yet still some do not study hard but these kids they need to work for them to study. I hope that those kids may see how important education is and always take the advantage that you can be able to study because not all can.

I salute these two kids for being so determined!