Estudyante Nabigyan Ng Kanyang Kuya Ng Pera Dahil Sa Dami Ng Pahina Sa Notebook Na May “Lecture”

This student has a very supportive brother. We all know that being an older sister or an older brother is not an easy responsibility because it requires patience as well. They are also responsible in taking good care of their younger siblings.

That is why many netizens were happy with a Facebook post of RoRu Lee after he rewarded his younger sisters of a money depending on the number of the pages on a certain notebook with lectures.

Photo RoRu Lee

According to his story it was already vacation and when her sister asked her brother for a money or allowance yet before everything he first asked her sister’s notebook and base her allowance there.

Because of very pages of the said notebook that has lectures, the student got a 720PHP from it.

The exact post goes like this:

“So ayun nga, kinuha niya lahat ng notebooks na sinulatan niya. Tapos ang ginawa ko binilang ko yung pages na may sulat niya. Mabuti na lang at may laman yung notebooks niya kahit papano. After counting, umabot sa 720 pages yung may sulat which is equivalent to 720 pesos din.

Photo RoRu Lee

“PS: Hindi na masama yan kapatid. Kaya next time siguraduhing puno ng sulat lahat ng notebooks mo (back to back) dahil malay mo ganito pa rin gawin ko.”

Many netizens find this very interesting and touching. They find it very cool as well because of what the brother did before giving her younger sister a money.

At this very moment the Facebook post already have 26K different reactions, 11k comments and 34k shares.

We only hope all older brothers or sisters can be able to treat their younger siblings like this. This will also motivates students to write notes responsibly every class.