Bongga Ang Isang Lalaki Na Inupahan Ang Buong Mall Para Makapag Shopping Dala Ang Kanyang Sasakyan

Being able to rent a whole mall is not a joke. It requires a lot of money. As in so much money.

But for this man, it is nothing to worry about because he just did it. He rented a whole mall in Riyadh. The Al Qasr Mall just to drive his car inside the mall while doing a shopping.

Photo Dubai Travel 199

In the clip, the man can be seen driving his car inside Riyadh’s Al Qasr Mall.

A security guard at the shopping centre reportedly recorded the incident of the man as he drives his car inside the mall and parks it outside a store – before he goes shopping.

Photo Dubai Travel 199

In the video, the security guard can be heard saying that the man had allegedly rented out the entire place to cruise inside the mall.

This man is really rich and powerful to this kind of thing. Yet what goes inside his mind for doing this rather done do a normal shopping. Oh only rich people will know. Still many are amazed by this scenario at Riyadh. Not all people can afford to do it.

The exact date and time of the incident cannot be verified at the moment.

Well we only hope he had the best time of his life driving inside the mall while doing his shopping.