Lalaki Nadala Pati Ang Plato ng Isang Restaurant at Nakuha Pang Kumain Habang may Sunog

A Facebook post is now trending because of this boy who accidentally brought his plate outside the restaurant.

According to him,

“Nataranta ako sa pangyayari!”

(I was shocked and I don’t know what to do.)

Viral PH

The funny scenario happened when a fire started at a restaurant just near a mall in Davao City. All of the customers went out and one of them is Eujay Regne. His photo went viral because it is clearly seen that he went out of the restaurant with his plate and food on his hands.

On his statement,

“Susubo na sana ako, pero may sumigaw na lumabas na raw kasi may sunog. Nasa isip ko lang talaga na dalhin ang plato na pinagkainan ko kasi gutom na talaga ako. Pagdating ko sa labas, ako nalang pala ang may bitbit na plato”.

(I am about to eat yet people are shouting that there is a fire outside. That time the only thing I have in mind is to bring the plare with me because I am really hungry. Yet when I went outside, I am the only one who has a plate in my hands.)

Viral PH

Meanwhile he also said that he will bring back the plate to the restauarant.

On the other hand, thank God that firemen was able to kill the fire quickly.