Alagang Pusa Ng Isang Lalaki Naging Inspirasyon Para Makapagtapos Ng Pag-aaral

Who would have taught that a cat will make a man be more determined to graduate?

Yes, this is possible. This man who recently graduated is now trending on social media after posting a photo of him with his cat. This man is indeed a cat lover and will do everything for his cat.

Choi Mansan uploaded last May 11 a photo of him on Facebook. The photo is not just all by himself. Instead, he is with his cat. On his photo, he is wearing his toga while holding his orange tabby-patterned cat. We can even see how happy he is that he was able to finish a four years course.

Photo Choi Mansan

According to Choi his cat is his reason on why he really strive hard to finish his studies. He also said that he wants to give his cat a good life that’s why he really did his best to graduate.

“I work hard so my cat can have a better life,” Choi added.

A lot of people were amazed by his heart to the cat and on how committed this boy is in his studies. Some may find his inspiration really weird but for some, they were very touched to Cho’s Facebook post.

Photo Choi Mansan

Here are some of the comments from the netizens:

“Because this is my first life ang peg

“Proud po ako sa inyo

Photo Choi Mansan

“Same. I did and still do. I worked so hard to bring my rescued puspin here with me in Germany. I still work hard to adopt other cats from other countries like Bulgaria and Romania where stray cats mostly suffer from streets. My rescued puspin is having a better life here together with other rescued and adopted cats since 2013.”

Many netizens on the comment sections tagged their friends on the photo. Pet lovers were also amazed and happy about Choi’s relationship with his cat. This man is an inspiration both on being a good pet lover and a student.

As now the photo has 32k different reactions, 5.3k comments, and 33k shares.