Landlady, Binigyan Puri ng mga Netizens Matapos Ilibre ng Isang Buwang Upa ang mga Tenant Nito

Hopefully, more land and homeowners follow suit.

More and more Filipinos are getting anxious as the number of infected is steadily rising in the past few days. Many citizens who aren’t as alarmed as the others continue to go on with their day normally, not realizing they might spread the disease further. Several celebrities and public figures announced that, they too, have been infected and decided to quarantine themselves at home. Anybody and everybody can be affected, especially if they do not take precautionary measures suggested by health organizations and the government.

Landlady Gains Praise after Giving Tenants One Free Month Amid COVID-19 Crisis

In the Philippines, several cities started their “community quarantine” wherein people aren’t allowed to travel to other cities and provinces, so as to avoid the spread of COVID-19. Some cities took greater measures by going on total lock-down. Many establishments closed their doors in the meantime as well, including restaurants and bars, which is the favorite go-to of many people.

Sadly, the working class is the most affected, as many rely on their daily wages to survive. While public transportation is restricted in many communities, going to work can be a pain. As companies think of their employees’ health by telling them to stop going to work for a while, they do not realize that many workers are left with the money in their pockets and nothing more. Thankfully, there are people like this landlady, who think of other people and not just themselves.

A Facebook user shared her conversation with the landlady, and many netizens commended the latter. Amid the Corona virus scare, the landlady decided to help her tenants by giving them one month rent-free! Knowing that her tenants are in a bind, she chose to help them, not unlike other people who choose to take advantage of others in a time of crisis. Hopefully, more people follow suit and help each other in this difficult time. Stay safe everyone!

*Difference between community quarantine and lock-down:

Lock-down: Stay at home. Gov’t will provide the basic needs. Relief goods will be brought to every home.

Community Quarantine: You can freely go outside, do your job, public transportation & services won’t stop.

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