Lasing na Babae Nagwala sa Isang Convenience Store nang Sabihan na Magsuot ng Face Shield

Since the pandemic hit the world more than 8 months ago, more and more people are becoming vigilant against the deadly Coronavirus. People have been staying indoors most of the time, while they protect themselves as much as they can whenever they need to go out. Unfortunately, not everyone complies with the norm, endangering other people who abide by the rules to prevent the spread of disease.

Recently, a video has been making its rounds in the internet regarding a drunk, irate woman, who was apparently making a scene at one of 7-11’s branches. Based on the Facebook post, the woman was angry because the staff didn’t want to attend to her needs, and didn’t want to accept her money. They were asking her to leave the premises since she wasn’t following protocols like wearing a face mask and shield.

Instead of leaving, the drunk woman decided to stay and argue with the staff. She also claimed that she owned the said branch, and would call her “people” to confirm it. While the staff was asking the woman to leave the store peacefully, her companion was asking her to do the same. There is now way of knowing if she indeed owns the said branch as of this article’s writing, but the woman’s side remains silent about the entire incident.

“I feel sorry sa staff ng Store. ‘Di naman mabigat sa ating mamayan kung susundin natin ang Pagsuot ng Faceshield at facemask, tapos kung bastusin at sabihing “patay gutom” ang mga nagtatrabaho lamang ng maayos,” said the post’s author on Facebook. 

Hundreds of were commenting #RaffyTulfo, hoping that the said TV personality would notice the post and settle things. We will just have to wait and see!

Source(s) (Jude Paremo)