Netizen Ineenganyo Ang Bawat Isa Na Linisin Ang Kinainan Sa Fastfood Chain Matapos Kumain

A social media post went viral when a netizen challenged everyone about cleaning our tables even after we ate in a fast food chains or a restaurants.

On the said photo posted by Junery Ace Villa, we can see that the table is completely neat while the plates, spoons and forks and glasses were all together as well.

The exact caption of the said post says that,

“Practice doing this whenever you will eat outside and you will surely bring smile on the crew’s face.”

Netizens all agreed on the said post by Villa. As part of it, they also invited even their family, relatives and friends to do the same as well. This may be a small way of help but our service crews will totally appreciate it.

Photo Junery Ace Villa

Some of the comments from the netizens, says that,

“True..i always do this..maliit na bagay pero help na to saknila”

“that’s right hindi porket yung trabaho nila is magligpit ng pinagkainan natin eh hahayaan nalang natin na hindi ayusin”

“Lagi n namin yan ginagawa turo ng mabuti naming mother”

This kind of good deed may be very simple but it will have a big impact for the people who work at a certain restaurant or fast food chain.

Photo Keep Calm Poster

Everyone just wish and hope that Filipinos would adapt the CLAYGO or the Clean As You Go practice here in the Philippines. As of this moment the said post has 30k different reactions and almost 97k shares.

It did come a long way and for sure many people saw this, we can only hope that people who seen this will try the practice. It may be new to us but sooner or later if we do it regularly we can get used to it.

Have you seen the photo? What is your opinion regarding it?