Litrato ng Isang Lalaki na Natutulog sa Swimming Pool Dahil Wala ng Matulugan sa Kwarto nag Trending!

Going to a pool and swim is one of the most relaxing way to unwind. Being said, going on a family outing is also very fun because it is the beast time to spend summer vacation especially when you are with your cousins.

As part of it, a Facebook post of a netizen named Iris Vicencio went viral as she shared a screenshot of her tweets regarding her cousin.

The exact tweet goes like this:

“We’re on a family outing and wala nang space sa kama so my cousin put on his trunks and said, ‘dun na lang ako matutulog sa swimming pool”.

Photo via Twitter

This happened after his drunk cousin cannot find a space to rest inside their room since it was already full. His cousin wore his swimming trunks and float at the swimming pool wherein he happened to sleep.

A crowded room happened most of the time especially if you are with a big group of people and if you are the last one to sleep. I guess that time this boy was really out of choice that’s why he just decided to go out to the pool.

We can agree with him, floating especially if you know how to be very relaxing and it will really make you sleepy. But because he is drunk he didn’t find it hard to sleep in the pool.

Photo via Twitter

Many netizens find this post very funny. Here are some of their comments,

“ganito na lang tayo next outing. Hahahahaha.”

“Ggawin ko tallaga yan”

“sabi ko sayo pwede ako sa dagat sa sobrang init para fresh na fresh talaga”

As of now the said post gained 22k different reactions and 29k shares.

Many netizens really laugh because of Iris’ cousin. His idea on how he can rest is very witty.

I believe this scenario made their family outing more memorable to them.

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