Mga Kaibigan na Hindi Nakasama sa Gala, Ginawan ng Paraan ng Magkakaibigang Ito

A lot of group of friends experience planning a trip but in the end, just three or two will come. The worst sometimes no one is really available. I know a lot of us is guilty about this.

That is why a trending photo posted on Facebook went viral as it showed printed photos of their friends who did not make it in their travel.

Jaie Principe Pimentel is the one who posted the photo and now his post gained 18k reactions and 22k shares. No doubt it has so much number of shares because many can really relate.

On the said post, he captioned this as,

“Yung andami nyong nagplano at nag confirm sa lakad pero tatlo lang ang tumuloy #friendshipgoals #batanes #morefuninthephilippines”

(When you have planned a lot and confirmed in the walk but only three continue #friendshipgoals #batanes #morefuninthephilippines)

Photo Jaie Principe Pimentel

From their group of friends that has 21 members, only three of them made it. That is why the three of them pose together with the printed photos of their other friends.

Many netizens find it really funny. Some commented and tagged their friends as well. Some comments say that,


“Paprint na niyan HAHAHAHAHAHAHA”

This post is indeed very funny but it only reflected the exact scenario of a group of people planning for their next outing or travel. That is why most of the time Filipinos will say that,

“Mas mabuti pa ang biglaan, natutuloy”.

(It is better to have unplanned travel, it is possible to happen.)

I wonder what does their other friends felt upon seeing their printed photos being viral on social media.

Have you experienced this in your group? I bet you know now what is the next thing you have to do if they cannot make it.