Mala Higanteng Litrato Ni Coco Martin Sa Edsa Agaw Atensyon Sa Mga Motorista

We all know Coco Martin as one of the best leader actor here in the Philippines. As part of it, he is also an actor and a director of his successful “teleserye” in ABS-CBN entitles, “Ang Probinsyano”. In line with his success is the success also of his “teleserye” that is still until now.

Because of the said show “Ang Probinsyano” that is being labeled as the Longest Drama Anthology in Philippine Television many netizens and viewers are still wondering on when this show will end. Timely a big endorsement photo of Coco Martin was now up along EDSA and many people make fun of it.

Photo Afuro Deo

A Facebook post by a netizen named Alfuru Deo has a caption of this:

“Kaya pala hindi mapatay-patay si cardo dalisay eh. Eh kung ganyan ba naman kalaki yung binabaril niyo, talagang di mapapatay yang titan na yan.”

(This is the reason why Cardo Dalisay cannot be killed. How can you really kill such a big person. You can’t really kill a titan.)

Many netizens also agreed by writing their insights on the comment section. A lot of us is asking on when “Ang Probinsyano” will end, I guess this advertisement will now answers all our questions. LOL

Photo Afuro Deo

Yet kidding aside, here are some of the comments:

“Tatawagin na si john wick upang patayin si cardo dalisay.”

(Call John Wick to kill Cardo Dalisay.)

“Thanos is shaking, hulk is trembling.”

Photo Afuro Deo

Meanwhile even the said drama show is airing for so long, many celebrities were able to have projects because of it. “Ang Probinsyano” became a good stepping stone to those who wants to enter showbiz and for those who are returning in the industry.

Have you seen this big image of Coco Martin along EDSA? What can you say about their Marketing Strategy?