Mag-asawang Fishball Vendor, Nakapagpatapos ng Kolehiyo ang Apat na Anak

One way to make your parents proud is to see their children marching in a hall wearing their togas and graduate despite the challenges, especially in financial matters.

But other than that, what makes them so much proud is to know that despite your state of living is still you didn’t feel ashamed of what kind of living you have like this trending Facebook post.

Girlie Verzosa in her Facebook post shares her story and how she is proud to be a daughter of a fishball vendor. It was entitled, “Sinong nagsabi na Mag-fifishball LANG.”

Photo Girlie Verzosa

She wrote that she will not forget when someone told her that she is only the daughter of a fishball vendor. But, despite those, she learned from her father that don’t mind those people and act natural.

“Anak, kung anong meron ka wag mo ikahiya. Huwag mong ipilit na mag-astang mayaman para lang kaibiganin ka ng ibang tao. Maging natural ka lang.” (Child, don’t be ashamed of what you have. Don’t push yourself to behave like you’re a wealthy person. Just act natural.)

She also shared that during her elementary days, she was always teased by her classmates by saying “fishball”, “kikiam”, and “palamig”. But she doesn’t mind it, instead, she studied hard and graduated as the class salutatorian of their batch.

Photo Girlie Verzosa

When she was in high school, she was blamed that she was the thief of their class. “Mahirap man ako, magutom man ako, hinding hindi ako kakain ng nakaw,” she stressed. (Even if I’m poor, even if I starve, I will never eat that came from stealth things.)

At the end of the post, she thanked her parents because they didn’t stop to make their dreams come true. It is not only her that graduated from college, but she is also the last among her other 3 siblings who finished college because of their parents who strive hard.

Photo Girlie Verzosa

This post garnered 7.7k reactions and 1.8K shares. One netizen commented:

“Congratulations! Ako din pinagpipiyestahan din kasi tagatinda kami ng gulay sa palengke. Binubully nila ako parati. Hindi ko na lang sila pinapansin. Di naman nakaw yung pinanghahanapbuhay naming. Masaya ang maging nasa baba ka parati.”

Kudos to those parents who do their best just to fulfill their child’s dreams.

Source(s) Girlie Versoza Definitely Filipino