Magnanakaw Huli: Hindi inakala ng Magnanakaw na Maiisahan siya ng Ninakawan nito

Due to the pandemic that is the Coronavirus, more and more people are losing their jobs. In effect, more people are turning to wrong ways to acquire what they need leading to an increase in crime rates around the world. However, the world’s current situation is no excuse to turn to crime, especially for able-bodied people who can do a lot of things to make money and provide for their family. Sadly, there are people who steal just to satisfy their luxurious wants.

Unfortunately for this guy, he never thought he’d get caught in the act after the owner saw everything that transpired. The owner literally “stole” from the thief!

As seen in the CCTV footage, a man in red shirt and blue shorts went into a store to purchase tires. But while waiting to be attended to, the man blatantly stole a tire right in front of the attendant and kicked it towards the outside. Little did he know, the CCTV was on, and that the attendant saw everything! Instead of calling him out, the attendant decided to do something no one expected: she stole the tire back!

She went out while the man was busy negotiating with her mom, and took the tire back in. She then ran back up their stairs as she was embarrassed with what she did. “Nagnakaw na, ninakawan pa,” said one Facebook user.

Netizens poked fun at the man, especially when  he didn’t know how to sneak the tire out, but the attendant was able to get it back without him noticing. Serves him right!