Bagong Flavor ng Taho “Mangho Graham” Patok na Patok Ngayon sa Marami

Just recently “Mangro Graham” desserts has been a thing. Many businesses became successful because of it. To name some are Maxi Mango and Happy Mango. These kind of refreshments or desserts is very popular because it is perfect for the hot season here in the Philippines.

We all know that “Mango Graham” flavor can be a dessert and a shake yet right now there is something really unique and new. It is a Mango Graham Taho by Mang Lando. Sounds very unique right?

Taho is something very healthy to our body. Below are just some of the benefits to taho:

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A Facebook post went viral when Megan Flores Bueno posted a photo of a man / “tatay” selling a taho that is on a flavor of Mango Graham. Sounds weird but let’s see! The exact caption of the photo goes like this:

“Sa wakas! Ang malupet na Mango Graham Taho ni Mang Lando! Saraaaaapp!

Photo Megan Bueno

According to Megan the taho tastes great and it is something every unique.

Netizens also extend their eagerness to taste the said flavor as well:

“Sana meron din dito sa naga hehe”

“wow sana oiiiil!! Hahaha hope makatikim din ako nyaaan 

“taho with a twist bako ito sis g na g ako”

“Antipolo Simbahan makikita nyo sya nung napadaan kasi ako dun pinagkakaguluhan sya ng mga tao”

According to different comments Mang Lando has a Facebook account also and you can check him just near at Antipolo Simbahan. Yet many still want his taho to be brought even to other provinces here in the Philippines.

Photo Mang Lando

Some people also shared Mang Lando’s photo with his taho on Facebook. Caption goes like this:

“Samahan nawa po s paghahanabuhay Mang Lando.. Sana makarating po yang paninda ninyo dito sa batangas

Photo Mang Lando

I wonder how this taho really tastes. Let’s support Mang Lando and his small business.