Marlou Arizala Stripped off ‘Xander Ford’ Name as Management Accuses Him of Being Unprofessional

The name “Xander Ford” is now free, any takers?

Photo Star Image Artist / Xander Ford

Whether we like it or not, Marlou Arizala has been on our screens for quite some time after he rose to fame from forming a boy band with his group of friends. Though Marlou had fans who supported him, many Filipinos dubbed him as the “cancer” of society as he has no limits in trying to achieve fame. Marlou realized he was fast fading from the showbiz scene and decided to approach Star Image. Fortunately for him, they signed him and offered him one thing that would change his life: a complete transformation.

Photo Star Image Artist

A few months later and Xander Ford comes out: a complete turnaround from Marlou, physically and—supposedly—a more respectful person. However, as months pass, Star Image began to realize that Xander is not keeping the end of the deal as he has been acting rather out of character lately.

The Star Image Artist Management post read: “The name XANDER FORD has been given to Marlou by his managers Sir David and Sir Vince, owners of Star Image, to introduce his new character / Alter Ego as a Kind, Well-mannered, humble and Responsible Artist, and mainly to set a good example and inspire people especially the Filipino youth.”

“The transformation became a worldwide phenomenon. But unfortunately, Marlou slowly been consumed by his temporary fame and the attitude towards work and colleagues became worse.”

Apparently, he claims that he never wanted that fame, and simply wanted to look good. This statement then prompted Star Magic to strip Marlou of the said name and announce that their “Xander” project ended up being a major fail. Marlou has also been suspended indefinitely.


  1. ABS-CBN Marshals – Yes he yelled at the Marshals and boastfully shouted “Di nyo ba ako kilala? Ako si Xander Ford?” As for the Managers, damage control has to be applied and immediately reprimanded him internally after the incident.
  2. GGV Taping – It was not aired on TV due to his unprofessionalism towards the production staff of GGV. Again, “nagyabang na naman na Xander Ford kasi sya”
  3. Xander Ford Missing – This is true. He went missing and deliberately hid from his management due to advices from his friends, peer Pressure and allegedly under influence of Marijuana and alcohol (according to a reliable source). The management needed to control the damage. There are confirmed out-of-town events cancelled and clients were upset.
  4. Kathryn Bernardo – He denied even to Star Image but it turned out to be true. He poked fun out of Kathryn even before his transformation. He also admitted bashing some other ABS-CBN Kapamilya artists.