Mayon Nagpakitang Gilas Sa Kakaibang “Umbrella Cloud” Mula Dito Na Nakuhaan Ng Isang Netizen

Mayon Volcano is once again the talk of the town on social media after a Facebook user uploaded a photo of it being capped by clouds in an unusual umbrella-like formation. This shot is indeed really beautiful.

Mayon volcano in the Philippines is also admired around the world for being the most perfectly formed volcano. Thousands visit Luzon island every year to witness Mount Mayon’s beauty, which is shrouded in myth and mystery.

Apart from it, Mayon, also known as Mayon Volcano or Mount Mayon, is a sacred and active stratovolcano in the province of Albay in Bicol Region, on the large island of Luzon in the Philippines.

Bicolano Noli Luna posted on his Facebook account the photo of the Mayon he captured on April 23 around 5:30 in the morning.

This photo amazed so many people. The said post went trending nationwide, Luna’s caption goes like this:

“Daragang Magayon, wearing her white umbrella- 5:30 am 4/23/2019.”

You can clearly see on the photo that a cloud formed into an umbrella was seen at the top of Mayon Volcano. This shot is once in a lifetime and absolutely very beautiful.

Photo Courtesy Noli Luna

Noli Luna could not help but be amazed with the photo, taking note of the beauty of the active volcano in Albay.

“Amazing, it’s unusual cloud formation,” a Facebook user commented.

“Grabe ang ganda… really amazing,” another user commented.

Yet on the other hand, other users are worried because they speculated that the cloud formation could be a bad omen.

Reports said the cloud formation is just a type of cloud called Lenticular, a stationary cloud typically in perpendicular alignment to wind direction.

Right now, we are all very blessed to have such a enticing volcano that captured the heart of many. Yet we only hope and pray that this is not something really serious.