Mga Larawan ng Gwapong Kundoktor ng Bus ang Sumisikat Ngayon sa Social Media

Unfortunately for many female admirers, one netizen claims that the handsome bus conductor has an equally gorgeous girlfriend.

With the help of social media nowadays, a lot of people have risen to fame after their photos or videos went viral online. As a matter of fact, many of these people have become models and TV stars in the long run. And yes, with the boom in social media platforms, more and more people are getting discovered through them.

Photo KC Dauden

In a viral post on Facebook, many netizens were wondering why this bus conductor isn’t an actor or a model with his gorgeous body and dashing looks. The man in the photos, identified by the original post’s author as Reynaldo Pichay, is gaining fame fast as more and more female netizens are expressing their admiration for him. Not only was Reynaldo a handsome man, but apparently a hardworking one as well!

Photo KC Dauden

Yes, Reynaldo may be handsome enough to be a model or actor—but he is currently a bus conductor today! In one of Reynaldo’s Facebook posts, he also expressed how proud he is of being a hardworking bus conductor.

Photo KC Dauden

Many netizens expressed their admiration for the handsome bus conductor, but one netizen burst everyone’s bubble by saying that Reynaldo is actually in a long-term relationship—and the girl is just as beautiful as he is handsome.

The photos were first posted by Facebook user KC Dauden, before it was reposted by several Facebook pages as it went viral.

Photo Reynaldo Pichay