Parents of an OFW Was Happy To See Their Daughter After Long Years Of Working Abroad

Working far from our loved ones is indeed one of the hardest part of our lives. Yet sometimes we must do it for our family to have a good life and a good future. This kind situation is very normal for families and people who have better opportunities outside the country.

That is why a video uploaded by Jeaprilyn De Padua II went viral. You can see on the video a reunion happened after a girl went back to the Philippines after a long years of working abroad.

Photo Jeaprilyn De Padua II

We can see that on an early age this girl is working hard even outside the country just for her to be able to help her family with all their needs. This not surprising why her parents are really happy when they see her.

You can see on the video on how happy her parents and whole family was now that she is home. The hug, laughter, smile and tears say it all. Her father really carried her because he missed her so much. This heart-warming scenario of this family is just a realization to everyone, that being an OFW is never an easy job.

Photo Jeaprilyn De Padua II

A lot of different comments were posted along with this video, here are just some:

“Nakakaantig ng damdamin.”

“Parang ako Lang namiss kona ulit papa Ko mama ko.”

“Sarap pagmasdan ..nkakamelt ng heart.”

These are just some of the comments and most of the netizens were touched because of what just happened.

To all our OFW from different countries all over the globe, we salute you because of your strength and courage. All of you are indeed an inspiration to many that giving up is never an option in our life.

I hope this video gives us more reason to respect and be proud of our OFW. They are sacrificing so much for their own families.

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Posted by Jeaprilyn De Padua II on Saturday, 18 May 2019