Tumakbong Walang Sapin sa Paa ang Isang Ina Para Ihabol ang Baon ng Anak

Nothing can match a mother’s love for her children.

In a society where nothing is certain, one thing is for sure: A mother’s love is truly unconditional. While many children do not realize how much their mothers sacrifice everyday, moms continue to make sacrifices just to make sure their children are happy, contented, and safe. It is a fact that without our mothers, we wouldn’t even be here in the first place. Sadly, many parents are left in different nursing homes where they are sometimes forgotten.

Photo Carmelo John Delacruz

So how do we show our mothers how much we love them? A little appreciation and a little bit of “Thank You” always warms the hearts of moms! To thank his mother for one of her selfless acts for him, one netizen shared a touching story that soon went viral on social media. The story touched the hearts of many, as it reminded them of their own mothers who made endless sacrifices for them.

In the said post on Facebook, user Carmelo John Delacruz “flexed” his mom, who ran after him after he forgot his lunchbox at home.

Photo Carmelo John Delacruz

Carmelo was about to get a ride when he realized he had left his lunchbox at home. To his surprise, his mother came running just to bring his lunchbox to him. In her rush to bring her son’s food, she forgot to wear shoes or slippers. She ran for a few minutes, not minding the pain, as all she had in mind was to make sure her son wouldn’t be hungry for the day.

“Laking gulat ko nalang na si mama tumatakbo sa overpass sa dala yung baon kong ulam at di na nakapag tsinelas man lang dahil sa pag mamadali para lang di ako magutom sa school at imagine ang layo ng tinakbo ni mama mula sa bahay namin hanggang sa sakayan,” Carmelo said on his post.

Photo Carmelo John Delacruz

Many netizens shared their own touching stories about their moms, while others praised Carmelo’s mom for her dedication and love for her son. One netizen said: “You will never how long with your mother. So as long as you with her always feel how much you love Her because if the day come that you want to show Her how much you care and love Her it’s too late already.”