Nabiling Itlog Naging Sisiw Na Ng Buksan Ang Refrigerator Na Pinaglagyan Nito

Who would have thought that an egg will hatch inside a freezing refrigerator? Yet this girl from Nueva Ecija proves us that it is possible.

A continuous chirping of a chick has led a woman to discover that one of the eggs stored in their fridge has hatched. That is why Abi Pajarillaga Gonzales got amazed and shocked by her discovery. She posted on Facebook her unbelievable discovery on April 10 along with three photographs showing a chick emerging from one of the eggs in the fridge.

Photo credits to Abi Pajarillaga Gonzales

According to her,

“Yung itlog na binili nila Papa naging sisiw na. Nainitan din yata. Kaya pala may naririnig ako, hanap ako nang hanap. Siya pala yung nag-iingay. Pawis na pawis lang!”

(The egg my father bought is now a chick. Maybe it also felt how hot it is here. That is why I am hearing something from the ref. Never did I know that it will be a alive chick.)

Gonzales told one of her friends on a comment that her family had a good laugh because of the discovery.

Photo credits to Abi Pajarillaga Gonzales

And the good laugh was extended to thousands of people online as it has since went viral with 28K likes and 26K shares. Many netizens enjoyed and amazed as well by her post. Yet some don’t believe it because it seems really impossible.

According to her the revealed that the newly-hatched egg along with almost a dozen of it was just offered to them at a lower price. However, the little discovery that sparked joy to their household and to many of her friends and to the Facebook community was contradicted by some netizens; saying it was fake.

She debunked their claims, stressing that it was not her intention to gain fame. She stressed out that what happen was really in the real life and they are not doing to just to gain attention on social media.

Photo credits to Abi Pajarillaga Gonzales

“Natuwa lang ako at first time namin maka-encounter ng ganito. And to make it clear, buhay pa po yung sisiw,” she said.

(I am just really happy because this is the very first time we encounter something like this. And to make it clear, the chick is alive.)

I know a lot of you will not believe but well this is just a cute experience shared on social media.