Nakakaaliw na Pag-Edit sa mga Karakter ng Avengers, Ikinatuwa ng mga Marvel Fans

Last April 24, one of the much-awaited movies of all Marvel fans is the showing of the Avengers: Endgame. Different memes and humorous posts in different social media were made by fans about the movie.

But, how about seeing these Marvel characters look when they are babies? Well, a Facebook post uses the pictures of different Marvel characters plus snapchat filters equals what they called “Babyvengers”. A Facebook page “MCU Philippines PH” uploaded a photo by which a Reddit user Randiana primarily post it in the said site.

Photo Reddit User Randiana

This post caught the attention of many fans of Marvels even non-fans find it humorous. This post by Reddit has already over 1,200 reactions, with 2,000 shares while in Reddit, it has 11,000 votes.

Photo Reddit User Randiana

Dizzy Gallete commented,

“I love how baby Thor still seems to have stubble–CUZ HE TOTALLY WOULD!”

Niño Arcillo Santiago funnily wrote,

“Baby Tony looks like John Lloyd Cruz.

Most netizens find it cute and Morgan Wolfblood said,

“I need Endgame with this filter constantly on!”

While on Reddit, user fork_you commented,

“That’s baby Thanos with a few infinity stones!”

User noodleman used the said filter in snapchat and the commented,

“I opened up snapchat this morning to try it, see what it thinks I would look like as a woman. I got the see what I’d look like as a man.”

As of now, Avengers: Endgame is still showing in hundreds of cinemas nationwide.