New Korean Government Rules In Visa Application, Planning To Ease The Application for Filipinos

A lot of Filipinos are looking forward to this since many of us are really dreaming to visit South Korea. As the Philippines and South Korea celebrated the 70th anniversary of their diplomatic relations last Sunday, Philippine Ambassador Han Dong-man said the embassy will reduce the number of documents needed for visa applications.

Ambassador Han said, “issued visas several times for at least five or 10 years in one document that said he was working for the company for qualified people, including businesses, journalists and government officials,” Han was quoted as saying.

Photo via Philippine News

“All Filipinos visiting South Korea are eligible for multiple entry visas, and among the Southeast Asian countries’ confederation countries, the Philippines is the only country where multiple entry visas are allowed,” he even added.

The Korean government is issuing multiple-entry visa to ASEAN countries, including the Philippines, to provide convenience when visiting Korea. The government is also gradually expanding the scope of eligibility for the multiple entry.

Ambassador Han added that scholarships for Filipinos will soon increase.

“As well as tourists, we want many Korean students to study in the Philippines, and we are inviting qualified and talented Filipino students, especially college students, for scholarships,” Ambassador Han said.

Photo via Philippine News

The two countries are also eyeing an increase in trade.

This ease in Visa application will be a very big help for people who always dream to visit South Korea. This news will also give so much opportunity for the students who are planning to take a chance in studying in the said country.

According to the Department of Tourism’s tourist arrival records released in May, South Korea remains the top source market with 519,584 tourist arrivals compared to the 477,087 tourist arrival in 2018.

This 2019 both of the countries aim to increase the number of tourists and exchange students.

Are you planning to visit South Korea soon or apply as a scholar? May this year is your time.

Source(s) Philstar