Opisyal na ‘Tulfo and Chill’ Hoodie Puwede Nang Bilhin ng mga Raffy Tulfo Fans

The hoodie is also available on Lazada.

In the recent months, more and more Filipinos are tuning into Raffy Tulfo’s show “Wanted sa Radyo”. Not only do Filipinos find the stories amusing, but they also love seeing justice being served. Known for his fiesty words and frank comments, Raffy Tulfo has now become the “idol” of many, and a celebrity a lot of people respect and admire.

Raffy Tulfo was part of investigative and public service shows like “Philippines’ Most Wanted”, “Task Force Siyasat” and “Problema Mo, Sagot ko”, and he is one of the Tulfo Brothers in “ISUMBONG MO: TULFO BROTHERS” along with Ramon, Ben and Erwin Tulfo. However, he has become extra famous after his weekday afternoon radio program entitled, “Wanted sa Radyo” on Radyo5 92.3 News FM, raked in millions of views on Youtube. On the show, Raffy is a man who helps the poor get the justice they deserve, with the help of professionals such as lawyers and police officers. He hosts the show alongside Niña Taduran.

As more and more people tune into the show, Raffy Tulfo’s fandom is becoming bigger by the day. And just like any celebrity, Tulfo “merchandise” is a must-have for many fans. Well. we bring good news to the Raffy Tulfo fandom, as more merch are on the way! On RTIA Merchandise’s Facebook page, a “Tulfo and Chill” Hoodie is now available for purchase. “Hindi lang matapang na aksyon ang hatid sa atin ni Idol! Dahil pati ang kanyang PORMAHANG PANGMALAKASAN, kitang-kita mo rin! Kaya ano pang hinihintay mo mga ka-idol? Mag “TULFO and CHILL” Hoodie Pullover ka na rin! ORDER NA,” they said on their Facebook post. According to RTIA, the hoodie design is already registered under the Intellectual Property Code of the Philippines.

While the famouse line “Netflix and Chill” has many people glued to their computer screens and laptops, Filipinos prefer “Tulfo and Chill”, wherein they
get to watch Raffy Tulfo literally in action! Are you a fan as well?