Naantig Ang Puso Ng Marami Dahil sa Isang Post Tungkol sa Usapan ng Mag Amang Nasa Loob Ng Jeep

Anak: Pa, Huwag mo nako ihatid hanggang loob ng school magtinda ka nalang para makabenta ka marami.

Tatay: Hindi pwede nak, May nangunguha ng bata ngayon. Sige ka, Magkakaroon ka ng ibang tatay. “

This conversation of a father and daughter was overheard by a teacher in the same jeep where the two are also in.


The little girl was heading to school on that morning when the teacher saw them. You can clearly see that the young girl spends a lot of time with her dad, helping him sell his goods, as it was obvious that they had a close bond. Their conversation was the sweetest among all. It is indeed a true love between two.

Photo credit: Geli Fernandez Lagrimas / Facebook

During the said conversation the young girl had wanted her dad to just let her go to school on her own so he could spend more time selling so that they can have ‘a lot of money’. This dad was not taking chances that someone might find his daughter walking or riding the jeep alone to school in Dasmariñas, Cavite.

Yet her father didn’t mind that he can’t immediately sell as long as his daughter is safe. He simply reminded her to study hard; he was simply there to support her all the way.

Teacher Geli Fernandez Lagrimas was touched on the conversation of the little girl and her father.

Anak: Sige tay hatid mo na ko. Pagkatapos ko sa school, Tulungan kita magtinda ha. Sana maubus lahat para marami tayong pera.

Tatay: Magaral ka mabuti nak ha.”

Teacher Geli explained that she is really happy to see moments like this one. She thanked her father who also made sacrifices for her and the family.

Photo credit: Geli Fernandez Lagrimas / Facebook

This kind of relationship and conversation reminds Teacher Geli of her father as well. She decided to post the conversation and photo on Facebook and it became viral. After that many reactions and comments of extending their help for the family was posted on social media.

When Teacher Geli visited the family she said that, Tatay Crisanto has five kids. He sells candies and other goods to support his family, but he makes sure to also find time to take care of his children so they will be safe. The kids love their dad so much and also find ways to help out by also selling rags after school.

Let’s all value our parents and how much they put hardwork for our education.