Pagsukat Ng Waist Gamit Ang Ballpen Nauusong Bagong Challenge Ngayon

This User posted a new challenge now and for sure many girls will go crazy about this. In this challenge you simply need a ballpen and that’s all. The process goes like this, you have lay down and measure your stomach or let’s just say your waist part. Sounds really impossible right? But many girls are doing this challenge.

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In line with the posts there are also comments on it saying that maybe this is just a prank, a false hope or that this one is impossible. Some says the girls who accepted the challenge are incredible because they did really use a ballpen to measure it.

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Some comments goes like this:

” kamay yan haha “

” Ngek ako dalawang patong sobra pa huhuhu “

Photo New Challenges

”  Copic marker talaga ginamit hahaha akin na lang yang copic markers mo hahaha “

” Hinay hinay lang sa pag da diet te..kasi baka imbes na pumayat ka PUMANAW ka😋😁😁✌️”

” Xd this girl didnt eat in years just to do the challenge “

Photo New Challenges

Different reactions are all over the Facebook post. Some sees it as negative while some sees it as an inspiration to really lose weight. Yet always remember that always eat and exercise right. Being sexy or fit does not mean you have to eat nothing.

Are you interested about this challenge? Post your photo now and share the inspiration.