Batang Parking Boy Pinabilib Ang Marami Dahil sa Pagkapursigido Nitong Makakain ng Samgyupsal

Samgyupsal is one of the most popular restaurant chain here in the Philippines as of now. People loves grilling their own food like Koreans would normally do. Different Samgyupsal restaurant in different brands are all over the Philippines and as part of it people line for this.

Photo Korean Travel 88

As part of it a little boy around Yumgyeopsal restaurant who always asked the branch for an ice and an iced tea recently asked the waiter if how much is their price per head. The waiter said that since they kids rate for 4ft and below the price is just 175PHP. 

After saying that, the little boy went out and after a couple of hours went to back with a 175PHP total of coins with him.

According to Yumgyeopsal,

“Of course we accept his payment free cheese and ice cream not because mukha kaming pera but to teach him that if he wants something he have to work for it.

I also learned that there’s nothing wrong of treating yourself when it comes to food once in awhile don’t feel guilty imagine this KID treat himself nga e. Tau pa Kaya!”

You can see on the photo on how happy the little boy is while he is eating his food. We salute this little boy because he really work hard for what he wanted. He wants to eat on a Samgyupsal store that’s why he works for it and claim the reward.

Photo Yumgyeopsal

The said post gained different comments from every netizens,

“Dapat ganyan hindi inaasa nalang sa paawa at hingi ang gusto..”

“Mabuti nalang pinapasok sya ni sangyeupsal at trinatong costumer.. Good job little boy.”

“Well done Yumgyeopsal Baliwag!”

May this little boy be a inspiration to many when it comes to achieving what we want tin life. God bless little boy!