Pasig City Mayor Vico Sotto Umani ng Papuri Mula sa mga Netizens sa Pagresponde sa Coronavirus Scare

People are now falling in love with his beautiful heart and brains!

As the number of people affected by the Coronavirus is increasing by the hour, different governments around the world and doing everything they can to ensure the safety and survival of their citizens. Some cities are now under lockdown or community quarantine, to avoid the risk of spreading the disease further, but these measures are definitely not enough to stop the disease from spreading, nor is it helping people with other things.

Though the spread is being slowed down, new problems arise such as shortage of supplies and food. Even when there are certain institutions and groups who donate food and supplies, distribution has become another problem for many communities. Since people are scared to go out of their homes, many supplies remain undistributed. In addition to that, not many governments are cleaning up and sanitizing their areas in response to the rising pandemic.

But in the Philippines, one mayor is now being recognized and praised by many netizens because of his hard work during these trying times. Mayor Victor Maria ‘Vico’ Sotto has been showing promising responses, with many citizens wishing Vico was their mayor.

Here is what Vico Sotto has done during the pandemic so far: Prepared the Rescue Emergency Disaster (RED) Training Center, disinfected public places using drones, implemented the Anti-Panic Buying and Hoarding Ordinance, and so many more. Netizens are hoping that other goverment officials follow his footsteps, instead of simply sitting back in their homes doing nothing. Many officials are also using the pandemic to politicize their actions, instead of putting the lives of the citizens first.

In honor of Vico’s hard work, netizens are now sharing funny and witty memes on social media, and they are going viral as of this article’s writing! Female netizens are also fangirling, saying how the young mayor isn’t only handsome, but also very smart and has a big heart. Do you agree with them? What has you mayor done in your area? Share your thoughts on the comment section!

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