Pastor Quiboloy Draws Flak for Claims of ‘Stopping’ the Earthquake in Mindanao

The self-proclaimed “appointed son of God” pastor Apollo Quiboloy made headlines after he claimed to have “stopped” the Mindanao earthquake a few days ago.

The Philippines was shaken when news of a 6.5 magnitude hitting Mindanao made rounds on social media and the local TVs. The calamity struck Cotabato and affected other provinces of Mindanao, killing and injuring several people. In addition to that, many residents were driven out of their homes as houses and buildings came crashing down as the earth shook beneath them. Though the quake lasted for only a few moments, a lot of buildings and lives were literally destroyed. While many people thanked ‘God’ for their safety, one man says he is the one to thank, as he
“stopped” the earthquake from further destroying the lives of many.

“Noong lumindol ng 6.6 (magnitude), nandoon ako kahapon, nandoon ako sa kwarto ko, sabi ko ‘lindol stop, umi-stop’ (When the 6.6-magnitude quake hit, I was in my room, and I told it stop, and it did),” Quiboloy said in the viral video. “Pasalamat kayo sa akin kasi kung hindi ko pina-stop ‘yun, marami kayong magigiba diyan, mamamatay kayo (You should thank me for stopping the earthquake because otherwise many of you will be dead).”

“Sinigawan ko ‘yung lindol, noong gumanon na ‘yung mga chandelier ko, ‘stop!’ sabi ko, stop kaagad (I yelled at the earthquake to stop when I saw my chandelier shaking, and it stopped),” he added.

According to Quiboloy, the earthquake almost immediately stopped when he said so, and all of his followers seem to believe his claim and cheer him on. Quiboloy adds that he isn’t simply stating a “fact”, but there were a lot of actual witnesses when it happened. While many of his followers blindly believe his claim, many netizens criticized the self-proclaimed “appointed son of God”, saying he is blasphemous and a fraud. Some netizens even explained that earthquakes don’t really last longer than a few seconds (more or less a minute), and it only took him a few seconds to “shout a few words out” before it stopped.